Efficient and safe working are leading within harbours and industrial areas. Especially because operators are constantly moving heavy materials, with even heavier machines, on great heights and near the water. In order to work efficiently and safe, both day and night, 24/7, Observator offers a wide range of products for harbours and industrial areas. High-quality products, fully tailored to this dynamic working environment.

To keep a close eye on the weather and water, Observator offers various meteorological and hydrological sensors, specially designed displays and complete software systems. Deliveries can range from a single sensor to the installation of a complete system of meteorological or hydrological measurement stations, including telemetry and data processing. From important meteorological factors – like wind, visibility, temperature, precipitation and even road condition – to hydrological factors such as wave and current.

Furthermore, Observator offers sunscreens and special ATEX certified, pneumatic window wiper systems for crane cabins. These window wipers are – in collaboration with Servi – specially designed for tough conditions.

Finally, from our precision technique department (Amsterdam, the Netherlands), we are top producers of optical and precision engineering products, both for all entities within the Observator Group and other renowned industries, such as harbours and terminals.