Because Observator was founded by a group of ship-owners, back in 1924, the maritime industry is our home market. We know that the weather can have a major impact onboard: the reflection of the sun, the sparkle of the water, the raindrops on the windows. As a supplier of a wide range of products and systems, we compete with the four seasons and the associated interplay of dark and light, wet and dry.

If sun, rain, hail or snow obstructs visibility on board, our sunscreens and window wipers can help. From standard types to custom work.

Do you also want to know what kind of weather you can expect? Observator offers various meteorological and hydrological sensors, specially designed displays and software systems. Deliveries can range from a single sensor to the installation of a complete system of meteorological or hydrological measurement stations, including telemetry and data processing. From important meteorological factors – like wind, visibility, temperature and precipitation – to hydrological factors such as wave and current.

Whether it concerns inland vessels, cruise ships, dredgers, fishing boats, tankers or luxury yachts. Observator has a suitable answer for every question.

Finally, from our precision technique department (Amsterdam, the Netherlands), we are top producers of optical and precision engineering products, both for all entities within the Observator Group and other renowned industries, such as the maritime industry.