With people and liters of fuel on board, safety is important within aviation. Weather and in particular weather changes can have a negative impact on safety. To safely take off, fly and land Observator offers a wide range of products for the aviation industry. High-quality products, fully tailored to this dynamic work environment.

To keep a close eye on the weather, Observator offers various meteorological sensors, specially designed displays and complete software systems. Deliveries can range from a single sensor to the installation of a complete system of meteorological measurement stations, including telemetry and data processing. From wind speed and direction to visibility, temperature, precipitation and even surface condition monitoring. Whether it is installed at an airport or at a helipad on a ship or oil platform.

Furthermore, the sunscreens of Observator were originally developed and supplied for inland and marine vessels. By responding to the increasing demand from other markets, the sunscreens have also been optimised for other applications, such as traffic towers at airports.

Finally, from our precision technique department (Amsterdam, the Netherlands), we are top producers of optical and precision engineering products, both for all entities within the Observator Group and other renowned industries, such as airports and helipads.